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User Review: McDonald’s Chilli & Cheese Mexican

Scratch Nasty review of McDonalds ‘The Chilli Cheese & Mexican’ All photo’s courtesy of @Nigidivitch https://twitter.com/Nigidivitch Website: http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome.html What they say? A 100% beef patty with cheese, tomato, Batavia lettuce, sour cream and a chilli and bean sauce in a cheese and paprika focaccia. Price: £4.99 as part of a value meal, 40p extra to go large Kcal: 645 for the burger only McDonald’s continues the four week ‘Great Tastes of the World’ promotion with ‘The Chilli Cheese & Mexican’ burger. Now you may be asking yourself what happened to ‘The Australian BBQ Supreme’ review?  It is a tale of sorrow and woe – we went to the local drive thru to get this and were told it had sold out and … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Great Tastes Of The World

McDonald’s Great Tastes of The World 2012 The latest promotion from McDonald’s is out now. For 4 weeks they are bringing us a different, great taste of the world, with a new burger out each week… Details: Lets have a closer look at each of the great tastes of the world burgers on offer… Spanish Grande with Chorizo 24/10/12 – 31/10/12 Here we have a large 100% beef patty, with some chorizo, roasted red and yellow peppers, a slice of mature cheddar, lettuce and bravas-style sauce. We are finally seeing a little more adventure from McDonald’s here, we don’t get chorizo very often and the addition of roasted peppers is new too. very much looking forward to trying this. Coming … Continue reading

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