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How To Win: McDonald’s Monopoly 2016

Which McDonald’s Products Have the Most Stickers? So McDonald’s Monopoly is here, our favorite excuse to eat more fast food with the potential of winning more! what could be better? Any way you already know the rare pieces for 2016, so here is the official list of how to win… Here is the list of items and how many monopoly stickers they have: Medium Fries – 2 stickers Large Fries – 3 Stickers Medium Soft Drink – 2 Stickers Large Soft Drink – 3 Stickers Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad) – 3 Stickers Chicken Legend – 3 Stickers Chicken Selects 3 pieces – 3 Stickers Chicken Selects 5 pieces – 3 Stickers Big Tasty – 3 Stickers Big Tasty … Continue reading

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