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McDonalds Monopoly 2016 Rare Pieces

Its finally here, everybody’s favorite McDonalds promotion. Monopoly Fortunes, or Prize Choice, as they are calling it this year. Anyway, here you will find the rare pieces for this year. Please remember, these are the only ones that are worth finding! anything not on this list is worthless and will be found thousands of times across the country. Brown – Medium Extra Value Meal – Old Kent Road (1,000,000 Rare Stickers) Light Blue – £30 Boohoo Voucher – Euston Road (7,500 Rare Stickers) Pink – Choice of Beats In Ear on On Ear Headphones – Northumberland Avenue (1,500 Rare Stickers) Orange – £250 Red Letter Days Experience – Marlborough Street (800 Rare Stickers) Red – Sony TV or Speaker – Strand (400 Rare … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Monopoly 2013: Rare Pieces

Here we have an official List of the rare properties from McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes 2013. Each of these pieces are the rare one from their set, only a handful of each of these are in circulation, finding these is the key to winning a prize!   Brown –  Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers) Light Blue –  Euston Road (1250 Rare Stickers) Purple –  Whitehall (800 Rare Stickers) Orange – Vine Street (150 Rare Stickers) Red – Strand (200 Rare Stickers) Yellow – Coventry Street (50 Rare Stickers) Green – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers) Dark Blue –  Mayfair (8 Rare Stickers) Stations –  Liverpool St Station (500 Rare Stickers) Remember that finding the other pieces really is nothing to … Continue reading

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