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McDonald’s Spanish Grande: User Review

Scratch Nasty review of McDonalds ‘The Spanish Grande with Chorizo’ Website: http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome.html What they say? A paprika topped bun with a 100% beef patty, chorizo, roasted red and yellow peppers, a mature cheddar cheese slice, crisp Batavia lettuce and a bravas-style sauce. Price: £5.19 as part of a value meal, 40p extra to go large Kcal: 650 for the burger only McDonalds kicks off a four week ‘Great Tastes of the World’ promotion promising us ‘4 great tastes to discover’.  First up on this tour is ‘The Spanish Grande with Chorizo’. I was accompanied to McDonalds by my fellow reviewer @Nigidivitch and to our dismay found the drive-thru completely shut and undergoing refurbishment so we knew it would be busy inside.  … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Big Tasty Review

The Facts Price: £3.99 (burger only) £4.39(with bacon) £5.89(medium Meal) Contains: 1 Big Tasty burger Calories: With bacon: 890 Kcal. Without bacon: 835Kcal Availability: until end October 2012 It’s big, It’s tasty, It’s back. That’s right, it is that time of year again, where the McDonald’s promotional burger is an all time classic. The McDonald’s Big Tasty… But What is it Like? When I ordered this burger the first thing to take my attention (after the high price), was the sheer size of this menu item, about double the size of a normal cheeseburger, I was pretty pleased with this after a patient 4 minute wait at the counter. I know what your all asking though, how does it taste? … Continue reading

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McDonald’s: Restaurant Profile

About McDonald’s Restaurant Profile: one of the worlds largest chain of fast food restaurants, open in 119 countries, serving upwards of 60 million customers every day. The McDonald’s franchise began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant in San Bernardino, California, and has since expanded its menu to chicken, wraps, salads, desserts and a lot more. McDonald’s is very reasonably priced and remains the cheapest of the major fast food outlets. It has a diverse menu with regularly changing promotions. In terms of quality, this is no Michelin star cuisine, but for a decent burger and chips, there isn’t much better. renowned for their fries, McDonald’s does a share of pretty tasty meals and a couple of disappointing ones too. Please leave your own reviews in … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Cheese and Bacon Striker Review

  Price: £5.49 (medium meal) Contains: 1 cheese and bacon striker burger, 1 fries and a drink Calories: 815 Availability: Until july 2012   So here it is, the Cheese and Bacon Striker , the star of McDonald’s own Euro 2012 campaign, but will it live up to our heavy expectations Lets start off with the most important factor, taste. This burger, is pretty damn tasty, we have some new sesame topped bread, a “100%” beef patty, emmental cheese, bacon, lettuce and a new Cheese sauce. I will begin by saying this, we may never know how much beef is in the 100% beef patty, but does it really matter, in this burger in particular, the larger beef patty, though … Continue reading

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Festive Deluxe Review

Price: £4.99 Contains: 1 Festive Deluxe burger, medium fries, medium drink  Calories: Burger: 770kcal Availability: December 2011 Our Thoughts The latest edition to the McDonald’s menu, and it is some addition, unfortunately it isn’t around for much longer. it scored an impressive 4/5. Far and away the best part of this meal is the taste. The burger has pure 100% beef, in a much larger patty than usual, the difference in taste between a normal cheeseburger is huge! far more succulent and real tasting. along with the crispy bacon, cheese lettuce and “festive sauce” it makes for a great bit of fast food and a nit of a handful. If you like beef burgers, you will not be disappointed by … Continue reading

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Big Mac Review

A timeless fast food veteran, the Big Mac, receives a well deserved 4.5 rating. The taste of the Big Mac is near on perfect, two 100% beef patty’s, onion, lettuce, gherkins (for some), cheese and that famous Big Mac sauce, making for a truly excellent burger, this recipe redefined the burger when it first came out and continues to impress everyone to everyone to overeat it, I must urge you not to be put of by the size of this burger, you will not regret this purchase. With medium meals at £3.79, it is a fairly good deal, you get the burger, fries and a drink, and with modern prices getting ever higher, we should be thankful! Finally in terms … Continue reading

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