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McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2016

Well after the carnage and chaos of McDonalds Monopoly is over, we are reunited with our familiar friend, Great Tastes of America from McDonald’s. It has been around for over 5 years now and this year the American infused flavours are here in a slightly different format! McDonald’s Great Tastes Of America 2016: Everything you need to know… So, whats on the menu? This year we will see just 3 American Burgers for 2 weeks each. Price: £3.89 (ish) for the burger alone or £5.49 (ish) for a medium meal. Tennessee Stack (27/04 -10/05): The Tennessee stack, just like all of its american buddies is an awe inspiring double patty, garnished with beechwood bacon, fired onions and cheese. New York … Continue reading

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How To Win: McDonald’s Monopoly 2016

Which McDonald’s Products Have the Most Stickers? So McDonald’s Monopoly is here, our favorite excuse to eat more fast food with the potential of winning more! what could be better? Any way you already know the rare pieces for 2016, so here is the official list of how to win… Here is the list of items and how many monopoly stickers they have: Medium Fries – 2 stickers Large Fries – 3 Stickers Medium Soft Drink – 2 Stickers Large Soft Drink – 3 Stickers Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad) – 3 Stickers Chicken Legend – 3 Stickers Chicken Selects 3 pieces – 3 Stickers Chicken Selects 5 pieces – 3 Stickers Big Tasty – 3 Stickers Big Tasty … Continue reading

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McDonalds Monopoly 2016 Rare Pieces

Its finally here, everybody’s favorite McDonalds promotion. Monopoly Fortunes, or Prize Choice, as they are calling it this year. Anyway, here you will find the rare pieces for this year. Please remember, these are the only ones that are worth finding! anything not on this list is worthless and will be found thousands of times across the country. Brown – Medium Extra Value Meal – Old Kent Road (1,000,000 Rare Stickers) Light Blue – £30 Boohoo Voucher – Euston Road (7,500 Rare Stickers) Pink – Choice of Beats In Ear on On Ear Headphones – Northumberland Avenue (1,500 Rare Stickers) Orange – £250 Red Letter Days Experience – Marlborough Street (800 Rare Stickers) Red – Sony TV or Speaker – Strand (400 Rare … Continue reading

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McDonalds Great Tastes of America 2014

A guide to McDonalds Great Tastes of America 2014, week by week. After the craziness of McDonald’s monopoly fortunes has ended, the people at McDonalds have once again brought us back to their stores for the Great Tastes of America 2014. Featuring 5 new exciting burgers, with some link (albeit somewhat tenuous) to an American City. Lets have a look at what is on offer! all burgers are available in a meal from £5,29. Week 1: 30th April – 6th May Chicago Supreme: The first offering from the Great Tastes of America. 100% beef patty, bacon, cheese, slices of onion, tomato salsa, mayo and lettuce finished with a chilli, chive and sesame-topped bun. Sounds great, but I don’t really see the … Continue reading

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McDonalds Monopoly 2014: Rare Pieces

Here we have an official List of the rare properties from McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Vault 2014. Each of these pieces are the rare one from their set, only a handful of each of these are in circulation, finding these is the key to winning a prize! Brown –  Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers) Light Blue –  Euston Road (30,000 Rare Stickers) Purple –  Northumberland Avenue (1500 Rare Stickers) Orange – Marlborough Street (1000 Rare Stickers) Red – Strand (500 Rare Stickers) Yellow – Coventry Street (40 Rare Stickers) Green – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers) Dark Blue –  Mayfair (4 Rare Stickers) Stations –  Liverpool St Station (850 Rare Stickers) Remember that finding the other pieces really is nothing to shout about, finding Park Lane for example, doesn’t mean anything … Continue reading

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New McDonald’s Iced Fruit Smoothies

Summer is apparently here and with that in mind, McDonald’s have released their new range of Iced Smoothies here in the UK. They are available in Strawberry & Banana or Mango & Pineapple flavour. The Facts Price: (Medium) £1.99 (Large) £2.39 Calories: (Medium) 190 Kcal (Large) 245 Kcal Availability: Until September 2013 Overview Fruit smoothies have been a popular part of the McCafe franchise, that we see in europe, and now they have been adapted and sold to us. Available in 2 flavours, Strawberry & Banana or Mango & Pineapple, they are a nice refreshing and summery edition to the McDonald’s menu. Or at least, they appear to be… These are described as Fruit purees and juices, blended with low … Continue reading

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McDonald’s New York Classic

The New York Classic is the final burger of McDonald’s Great Tastes of America promotion, so what has been chosen to represent a city with a brilliant and diverse culture of food? The Facts Price: medium meal; £5.29, add 50p for large Availability: until 6th June 2013 Calories: 700Kcal Overview The New York Classic is another packed full of flavour and ingredients, but surprise, surprise, it’s pretty similar to the previous Great Tastes of America we have seen. Firstly, the ingredients are sandwiched within a chilli, chive and sesame topped bun, the 100% beef patty is surrounded by red onion, lettuce, cheese, bacon, mustard, ketchup and cool Mayo. The NY classic is a pretty good representation of some vintage foods … Continue reading

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Coolest McDonald’s Ever…

You wouldn’t guess it, In fact, you would barely even believe it, but this intricate and futuristic design is in fact a McDonald’s restaurant! This branch in particular is located in Batumi, Georgia (USA). (more pictures below) Built by the KHMALADZE Architects group, it’s initial purpose was to be a Hybrid car filling station and restaurant, but ended up just as a McDonald’s. McDonald’s often get a lot of bad press for the content of their food, but perhaps impressive architecture like this could help them to restore a more respectable image? I personally would feel a lot more inclined to sit and eat in a McDonald’s that was such a pleasant eating environment, sloping gardens, pools and an entirely glass exterior. A bit … Continue reading

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French Fry Frenzy In The Far East

Well, it seems that Asia has gone slightly French Fry crazy. So called “Potato Parties” have been occurring across McDonald’s branches in Japan, due to the low price of fries. This basically involves a group of students going to McDonald’s ordering a huge amount of fries and staying their until they have all been eaten…Sounds fun. However reports say that it irritates the staff as they have to spend so long preparing all the fries, they cannot take other customers orders. One Japanese news report said that a group had ordered 60 portions of fries at their “Potato Party”. This group in South Korea, decided to jump on the band wagon and throw their own Potato Party. What you see … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes

Yes, it’s that special time of year again, where we all visit McDonald’s a bit too often, Its Monopoly time! I think we can all agree, that this is the best promotion they do, where a meal at McDonald’s has the potential to earn you a free burger, or even £50,000! We decided to give you a break down of all the information about this hallowed promotion here on Fast Food Forum; including what can be won, and which foods have the most stickers! There are 3 ways to win prizes in this annual frenzy of generosity from the worlds leading fast food outlet… Collect to Win: try to collect a complete set of property’s peeled from your McDonald’s food. … Continue reading

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