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McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2016

Well after the carnage and chaos of McDonalds Monopoly is over, we are reunited with our familiar friend, Great Tastes of America from McDonald’s. It has been around for over 5 years now and this year the American infused flavours are here in a slightly different format! McDonald’s Great Tastes Of America 2016: Everything you need to know… So, whats on the menu? This year we will see just 3 American Burgers for 2 weeks each. Price: £3.89 (ish) for the burger alone or £5.49 (ish) for a medium meal. Tennessee Stack (27/04 -10/05): The Tennessee stack, just like all of its american buddies is an awe inspiring double patty, garnished with beechwood bacon, fired onions and cheese. New York … Continue reading

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Closer Look: Mozzarella Dippers

Price: £1.59 Contains: 3 Mozzarella Dippers Calories: 280 Kcal Availability: Until end October 2012 Mozzarella Dippers, are in my opinion the best side that McDonald’s ever rotate on and off the Menu. Every year, I look forward to their return and I have been rewarded again! In a portion, you receive just 3 of these little cheesey delights. I have often said I would be more than willing to pay £2 for 4, but McDonald’s don’t offer this.  Essentially, Mozzarella dippers, are long pieces of mozzarella covered and fried in bread crumbs. It sounds simple enough, However don’t let this fool you. When fresh the Mozzarella is hot, stretchy and very tasty. But, to be honest, its pretty tasty even when its not fresh. These are … Continue reading

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Largest McDonald’s In The World Opening In London

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, we thought we would see what this meant for the world of Fast Food. We were impressed to see news that the worlds largest McDonald’s will be opening in Stratford, east London. The branch in question will, however, only be temporary open from the 27th July – 9th September, purely to feed hungry Olympic spectators, and with Usain Bolt’s dietary record, maybe some athletes too. This McDonald’s will be over 3000 square metres, over 2 floors, more than half the size of an American Football pitch. The Mammoth store will be able to seat 1500 customers and is expected to have over 2000 members of staff employed over the 6 weeks. It is expected … Continue reading

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Champions Menu at McDonald’s

As part of their role as official Euro 2012 sponsors, McDonald’s have released a special “champions” menu, a name intended to get us in a sporting mood, whilst in McDonald’s… Nevertheless it adds some interesting new items to the menu. The main feature of this menu is the Cheese and Bacon Striker. A vintage McDonalds 100% beef patty (assuming we believe them), with Emmental cheese, bacon, lettuce and a new cheese sauce. This is priced at £5.49, quite a lot, but this is their current promotional meal. it has 815Kcal and 42g of fat, we must remember that this is a pretty big burger. Full review here Next is the Chicken Maestro, again, appropriately named, this is a crispy chicken breast fillet … Continue reading

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